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Quotes on sustainability

Some participants’ views of sustainability:

“It is an everyday choice.”

“It is something which is longterm. The three sectors of economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainablity iare good I think. It is about the interest of everybody. The developed and the developing worlds. A must for the planet’s survival. But I think we shoot for a low target when we say we want things to be sustainable. Why only sustainable? We should shoot for a BLOOMING future.”

“We focus a lot today on the ecological sector, but it is not enought. Sustainability is not possible without the other sectors.”

“it is shifting the focus from me to us.”

“I get some kind of life perspektive. That it is about my life, that I should last for long. And the stuff I use too.”

“Mercy. That we are all humans. And that we are capable of more.”

“That you cannot take more than that nature can recover.”

“To zoom out, to see the whole picture. Everything at the same time.”

“I think the three circles are good: economic, social and environmental aspects. So that whenever something is about money, it should also be about environment and humans.”

It is thinking of future generations.”

“To combine goals and local cultures.  What is good somewhere might not be good at another place.”

“For me it is about seeing the whole. To take care of it from the start.”


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