Interview about innovation with Martin Willers

Martin Willers, one of the guest speakers at the event, who normally works at design consultant  firm People people in Stockholm, gives his views on how to address the issue of sustainability on a easy reality level and his expectations of the event and wishes for the participants:


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Participants 2

Kristina Björkman, Landskrona
Game designer and founder of Adludo AB together with Johan Herrsdorf
– I think it’s interesting and inspiring to meet people from other fields. This is an interdisciplinary meeting ground.

Adrian Hedström, Göteborg
Business development at GU Holding
– It ‘s great! The possibility to connect with people and to talk about important issues as sustainability and innovation. 

Rasmus Palm, Göteborg
Technician at Göteborg Energi
Searching for a job related to his Master of Science in Industrial Ecology
– There is a lot of interesting people to interact with. People with the same vision but with different backgrounds and competences. This event has a diffuse prospective but is very interesting.

Sanna Bengtsson, Växjö
Studing enterprising and business development at Linneus University
– I like to try new things and get in new contexts. I also like to go from idea to a concrete product. It’s interesting to interact with other people from different backgrounds.

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What do you think about the jam?

Anton Breman, one of the organisers of the Swedish jam, emphasised at the inauguration, that the most important thing for the participants is to have fun and do something, the outcome is secondary and doesn’t have to be great.

That the networking and experience of meeting people from totally other fields of society (and maybe even country), is the most prominent outcome of the event for the jammers, seems quite clear now. Several of the participants I’ve spoken to mention the interesting mix of backgrounds, views on sustainability and the broad exchange of ideas (and probably future friends) as valuable for them. Here are some lines of views of the jam:

“Fantastic people. Damn good recruitment. There are so good, interesting people here so that it is hard to focus on the process.”

“It is interesting to be here. Hard to see the goal, but maybe there is none in the ordinary sense.”

“Really challenging.”

“It is exchange of ideas. We have different languages and background but it is a strength I think. We’re talking about sustainability in different ways and it is interesting to hear different views. In our group we have people from the fields of philosophy, design, engineering, environment and economics. We need all the knowledge to address the challenges.”

“We have a dream team. It is a good mix of different competences: political science, game designer, politics, product designer, communication consult and business development. We just miss the environment scientist.”

“It is great to be here, to get to meet people from totally different backgrounds. It creates spontaneity and serendipity.”

Serendipity is to encounter sth one didn’t expect, a pleasant surprise. Just so you know. I had to check it up too.



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Quotes from the event

Lines by the participants so far….

“There should be no bad products.”

“Sustainability is a system thing.”

“What kids are eating today is shit.”

“School kills creativity! I think much better when I move!”

“What about combining urban gardening with playground?”

“It is hard to focus on the process cause there are so nice people here.”

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Quotes on sustainability

Some participants’ views of sustainability:

“It is an everyday choice.”

“It is something which is longterm. The three sectors of economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainablity iare good I think. It is about the interest of everybody. The developed and the developing worlds. A must for the planet’s survival. But I think we shoot for a low target when we say we want things to be sustainable. Why only sustainable? We should shoot for a BLOOMING future.”

“We focus a lot today on the ecological sector, but it is not enought. Sustainability is not possible without the other sectors.”

“it is shifting the focus from me to us.”

“I get some kind of life perspektive. That it is about my life, that I should last for long. And the stuff I use too.”

“Mercy. That we are all humans. And that we are capable of more.”

“That you cannot take more than that nature can recover.”

“To zoom out, to see the whole picture. Everything at the same time.”

“I think the three circles are good: economic, social and environmental aspects. So that whenever something is about money, it should also be about environment and humans.”

It is thinking of future generations.”

“To combine goals and local cultures.  What is good somewhere might not be good at another place.”

“For me it is about seeing the whole. To take care of it from the start.”

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Participants 1

Goodmorning everybody! Now it’s time for a bright new day. As yesterday you can follow us here on the blog, on Twitter, Facebook and live stream.

The room we are in here at Röhsska museet is full of interesting and creative people with different backgrounds. They will all be introduced here on the blog during the weekend. Here comes four of them.

This photo: Emmy Jonsson
Photos with no name: Eva-Karin Fredriksson

Marie Alsér, Göteborg
Experience-strategist at the communication agency Paff Performance
Founder and engaged in Get to know Sweden
– I am driven by influencing, changing and developing, and that’s the reason why I’m here.

Jesper Larsson, Götebrog

50% at Ada, 50% Double Happiness
– I think this kind of jam-process is very interesting. I’m looking forward to se if it´s possible to solve anything in 48 hours. Afterwards I will take this way of working to my own work.

Fanny Bergström Buller, Göteborg
Self-employed Experience Design Sweden
Project leader for Ecoguiden
Founder and engaged in Get to know Sweden
Studying Change leading (Förändringsledning)
– I like to think together with other people. The future is important and sustainability is a part of a good future.

David Nyberg, Göteborg
Internship at Centrala Älvstaden, studying Environmental Social Science
– I’m here because I’m passionate about ecologic and social sustainability. I think it will be exciting to come up with smart solutions along with a lot of interesting people.

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Challenges of groups so far

The groups have after 6 hours since start just formulated their challenges. The over-all theme is PLAYGROUND. Here they are so far, to be reformulated for sure (all possible missunderstandings are my fault):

Get young boy who is moving out of home, to not ending up eating crappy food all the time.

Help young idealistic, volunteering girl to realise her dreams but at the same time making a living (out of it?).

Get the commuter buses and trains to become a social interactive, creative platform instead of a dull wasting time.

Get newl becoming pensioner to not fall out of social life in society, keep him/her more integrated and connect his/her knowledge to younger generations.

Get young girl who boosts herself with consumption to enter shopping mall, go through and out without buying anything and still feeling good about herself.

Get kids to play and be outside more, undepending of weather and not getting stuck with technology games.

Get kids and parents get more integrated in social life and playing.

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