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Happy mood of the event

The event has from an perspective on someone sitting at the next table, trying to listen and interact with the participants at certain moments, been one of the most creative, calm and happy events ever seen. At least for me.

The participants are very focused, taking on their challenge with eagerness and creativity, cooperating well (sure there has of course been some quarrels but nothing totally blocking it seems) and with a good spirit. I look forward to seeing, hearing and experiencing their presentations in one hour…

Through the ustream channel a lot of the mood of the event has been caught. Here are some clips:

Focused work 😐

Lunch beat  : )

Happy helpers and participants 


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Participants 5

Jiang Qian, Lund, home country China
Studying Industrial Design
The jam IN 3 WORDS: respect, responsibility, vividily
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: human-centred, enviromental-friendly, forever
I heard about this event in China last year because some of my friends joined it in Changhai. A profesure in Lund told about it in Gothenburg so me and some clasmates came here.

Gustaf Josefsson, Göteborg
Founder of Entreprenörsjakten
The jam IN 3 WORDS: fast, challenging, love
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: economic, social and ecological
I’m here beacause I’m an entrepreneur.

Anna Jivén, Göteborg 
Consultent Public affairs Energy, Member of Swedish association of nature conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)
The jam IN 3 WORDS: mind opening challenge
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: make it right
I read about this event at the facebookgroup of Naturskyddsföreningen. It’s easy to only work in your own group. A tip for next year is to connect the groups but also to make the global link more obvious.

Niclas Lundmark, Göteborg
Studying marketing, School of business, economics and law
The jam IN 3 WORDS: fun, different, creative
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: fun, needed, economic
An other participant told me of this event. I found innovation and sustainability to be interesting subjects.

Lina Nilsson, Göteborg
Studying Mechanical Engeenering
The jam IN 3 WORDS: intense, fun, creative
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: resource, cirkled, renewable
One of my teachers at Chalmers told our class about this event. She belived that  it would have a lot to offer so she gave us the name of the website.

Agneta Carlsson, Göteborg
Swedish association of nature conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)
The jam IN 5 WORDS: Innovative results in short time.
Sustainability IN 5 WORDS: See impacts for future generations.
We share the same office with the jam organisers and Naturskyddsföreningen is a partner of the event.

Jenny Heier, Munich, Germany
Industrial designer freelancing
The jam IN 3 WORDS: 3 day-world changing.
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: Shift from me to us.
I crashed in here, visiting a friend. I am an exchange jammer from Bavaria where they started the idea of design jam.

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Participants 4

Anna Martinez, Göteborg
Devoloping sustainability tourism at Västsvenska turistrådet
– It’s amazing how workable ideas can be created when a group of people meet under 48 hours! From idea to business plan to a workable product. Many people don´t even achieve this during five years, or even a lifetime!

Anna Risell, Göteborg
Studying arcitecture
Part of a think tank, Super sustainable at the architecture firm Kjellgrenkaminsky
– This is like a storm of creative ideas and thoughts, really inspiring to be a part of. What’s inspiring is to get all different perspective from different fields. It’s interesting how to make sustainability to an everyday aspect and something concrete, a part of an everyday pattern of thoughts.

Satu Hamed, Varkaus, Finland
Master student in business design at HDK, Göteborg
Working part-time at company CAD-quality Finland Oy doing marketing and projects
– It’s been very interesting, it is not only about the group work, a very essential thing is to get different views on sustainable things and actually other things too. It’s learning with a team but also personal development and group work experience. Listening and compromises is a big thing. Everybody is so eager to do things, more than it often is. The groups are actually a bit too big, four people would be good. With six now we have to use a glas to decide who’s to speak.
How did you hear about the jam?
I accidently saw an add at school pinbord decided to go with a friend.

Anneli Selvefors, Göteborg
PhD student in design for sustainable behavior at Chalmers university of technology
-It’s been very inspiring and very intense. There are so many different people from different backgrounds and different thoughts and ideas about sustainability.
How did you hear about the jam?
I was contacted by organizer Anton who said “You have an interesting profile, you should join us.”
What does sustainability mean to you?
My philosophy is that sustainability is not only what resources we use, but what kind of relation we have to nature and all life.

Klara Hansson, Göteborg
Running her own firm Gemeko pushing for sustainability
-An eye-opener of things I already knew. You need to be reminded again, again and again. of some things. The different steps for a process and how a group work. The work process here is super cool. Once we found our mutual goal in the group, the process really took off.
How did you hear about the jam?
I was at the thinktank Supersustainability and heard about it.
What does sustainability mean to you?
Surplus. Not just making something a little bit better, but getting a surplus. Humanity can create more. A material and social surplus. My vision of sustainability is a world where we are not only using resources but also creating resources. Can be music, poetry etc.

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Participants 3

Fredric Bauer, Göteborg
Student at Sustainable Energy Systems
– Sometimes it feels like we are animals at a Zoo, visitors from Röhsska are looking and pointing at us. But there has been a lot of ideas of how the community can improve.

Anna Grzelec, Göteborg
Project Manager at Tillt (Put artists in organizations to stimulate creativity)
– The Global perspective is very complex but people with different competences need to collaborate to solve the problems. It is a sweaty challenge, but if it wasn’t, the sustainability problem wouldn’t exist.

Imad Agi,  Strömstrad
Egenföretaget Byggakuten
– This is a unique experience! I’m learning a lot of the teamworking and this kind of processworking. In a team you have to be democratic, give and take and adapt to the others. It takes time to go from an idea to a product.

Per Brolund, Malmö
Industri Designer, recently were in Cambodja working with WWF, Sustainable Rattan Production
– I like that the young and hungry people are like a volcano of creativity when they come together. It’s inspiring that people sacrifice a whole weekend for this. But at the same time it would be nice to have a wider spectra of demography. Older people with a longer experience have other insights.

Malin Lagerkvist
Studying architecture
– This is very inspiring. I like the method that we’re working in, and it generates a lot of new ideas. 

Sofia Nygren 
Studying Cognitive Science, Collaborative consumption, Internship at Miljöförvaltningen
– I think that this is a very nice way to let innovative communitys get together. Many small ideas becomes something great and big. A global problem at the local level.

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Participants 2

Kristina Björkman, Landskrona
Game designer and founder of Adludo AB together with Johan Herrsdorf
– I think it’s interesting and inspiring to meet people from other fields. This is an interdisciplinary meeting ground.

Adrian Hedström, Göteborg
Business development at GU Holding
– It ‘s great! The possibility to connect with people and to talk about important issues as sustainability and innovation. 

Rasmus Palm, Göteborg
Technician at Göteborg Energi
Searching for a job related to his Master of Science in Industrial Ecology
– There is a lot of interesting people to interact with. People with the same vision but with different backgrounds and competences. This event has a diffuse prospective but is very interesting.

Sanna Bengtsson, Växjö
Studing enterprising and business development at Linneus University
– I like to try new things and get in new contexts. I also like to go from idea to a concrete product. It’s interesting to interact with other people from different backgrounds.

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What do you think about the jam?

Anton Breman, one of the organisers of the Swedish jam, emphasised at the inauguration, that the most important thing for the participants is to have fun and do something, the outcome is secondary and doesn’t have to be great.

That the networking and experience of meeting people from totally other fields of society (and maybe even country), is the most prominent outcome of the event for the jammers, seems quite clear now. Several of the participants I’ve spoken to mention the interesting mix of backgrounds, views on sustainability and the broad exchange of ideas (and probably future friends) as valuable for them. Here are some lines of views of the jam:

“Fantastic people. Damn good recruitment. There are so good, interesting people here so that it is hard to focus on the process.”

“It is interesting to be here. Hard to see the goal, but maybe there is none in the ordinary sense.”

“Really challenging.”

“It is exchange of ideas. We have different languages and background but it is a strength I think. We’re talking about sustainability in different ways and it is interesting to hear different views. In our group we have people from the fields of philosophy, design, engineering, environment and economics. We need all the knowledge to address the challenges.”

“We have a dream team. It is a good mix of different competences: political science, game designer, politics, product designer, communication consult and business development. We just miss the environment scientist.”

“It is great to be here, to get to meet people from totally different backgrounds. It creates spontaneity and serendipity.”

Serendipity is to encounter sth one didn’t expect, a pleasant surprise. Just so you know. I had to check it up too.



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Quotes from the event

Lines by the participants so far….

“There should be no bad products.”

“Sustainability is a system thing.”

“What kids are eating today is shit.”

“School kills creativity! I think much better when I move!”

“What about combining urban gardening with playground?”

“It is hard to focus on the process cause there are so nice people here.”

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