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Quotes from the event

Lines by the participants so far….

“There should be no bad products.”

“Sustainability is a system thing.”

“What kids are eating today is shit.”

“School kills creativity! I think much better when I move!”

“What about combining urban gardening with playground?”

“It is hard to focus on the process cause there are so nice people here.”


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Challenges of groups so far

The groups have after 6 hours since start just formulated their challenges. The over-all theme is PLAYGROUND. Here they are so far, to be reformulated for sure (all possible missunderstandings are my fault):

Get young boy who is moving out of home, to not ending up eating crappy food all the time.

Help young idealistic, volunteering girl to realise her dreams but at the same time making a living (out of it?).

Get the commuter buses and trains to become a social interactive, creative platform instead of a dull wasting time.

Get newl becoming pensioner to not fall out of social life in society, keep him/her more integrated and connect his/her knowledge to younger generations.

Get young girl who boosts herself with consumption to enter shopping mall, go through and out without buying anything and still feeling good about herself.

Get kids to play and be outside more, undepending of weather and not getting stuck with technology games.

Get kids and parents get more integrated in social life and playing.

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