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Happy mood of the event

The event has from an perspective on someone sitting at the next table, trying to listen and interact with the participants at certain moments, been one of the most creative, calm and happy events ever seen. At least for me.

The participants are very focused, taking on their challenge with eagerness and creativity, cooperating well (sure there has of course been some quarrels but nothing totally blocking it seems) and with a good spirit. I look forward to seeing, hearing and experiencing their presentations in one hour…

Through the ustream channel a lot of the mood of the event has been caught. Here are some clips:

Focused work 😐

Lunch beat  : )

Happy helpers and participants 


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What do you think about the jam?

Anton Breman, one of the organisers of the Swedish jam, emphasised at the inauguration, that the most important thing for the participants is to have fun and do something, the outcome is secondary and doesn’t have to be great.

That the networking and experience of meeting people from totally other fields of society (and maybe even country), is the most prominent outcome of the event for the jammers, seems quite clear now. Several of the participants I’ve spoken to mention the interesting mix of backgrounds, views on sustainability and the broad exchange of ideas (and probably future friends) as valuable for them. Here are some lines of views of the jam:

“Fantastic people. Damn good recruitment. There are so good, interesting people here so that it is hard to focus on the process.”

“It is interesting to be here. Hard to see the goal, but maybe there is none in the ordinary sense.”

“Really challenging.”

“It is exchange of ideas. We have different languages and background but it is a strength I think. We’re talking about sustainability in different ways and it is interesting to hear different views. In our group we have people from the fields of philosophy, design, engineering, environment and economics. We need all the knowledge to address the challenges.”

“We have a dream team. It is a good mix of different competences: political science, game designer, politics, product designer, communication consult and business development. We just miss the environment scientist.”

“It is great to be here, to get to meet people from totally different backgrounds. It creates spontaneity and serendipity.”

Serendipity is to encounter sth one didn’t expect, a pleasant surprise. Just so you know. I had to check it up too.



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Set up in full speed

Two hours left for the event to kick-off.

The hall is full of food, cups, computers, tape, pens, papers, cabels, crazy hats – all in the middle of the museums furniture exhibition.
Volunteers running, carrying and opening post-it sticks and checking the time on their vrists or mobiles. Smiles on the faces.
Lugnet före stormen as we would say in Swedish, the calm before the storm.
The creative storm.



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Hello world! Let’s go sustainist!

The blog for the Swedish and Gothenburg version of sustainability jam 2011 has been born.

Mother: loads of cabels

Father: the people that invented the net and the blog tool and the jam

Delivering nurse: the urge, the wish, the dream, the pulling power of many to make a creative contribution to a more sustainable world

Welcome all god parents

We will try to cover the event as well we can. What is going on there, physically and mentally, the mood, the ideas, the idealism and realism, the time aspect, the contributors, the speakers, the organisers, the audience, the volunteers, the failors, the successes, the meetings, the surprises, the cooperations, and of course: the tunes, the tones, the melody and rhythm of a JAM!

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