Participants 5

Jiang Qian, Lund, home country China
Studying Industrial Design
The jam IN 3 WORDS: respect, responsibility, vividily
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: human-centred, enviromental-friendly, forever
I heard about this event in China last year because some of my friends joined it in Changhai. A profesure in Lund told about it in Gothenburg so me and some clasmates came here.

Gustaf Josefsson, Göteborg
Founder of Entreprenörsjakten
The jam IN 3 WORDS: fast, challenging, love
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: economic, social and ecological
I’m here beacause I’m an entrepreneur.

Anna Jivén, Göteborg 
Consultent Public affairs Energy, Member of Swedish association of nature conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)
The jam IN 3 WORDS: mind opening challenge
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: make it right
I read about this event at the facebookgroup of Naturskyddsföreningen. It’s easy to only work in your own group. A tip for next year is to connect the groups but also to make the global link more obvious.

Niclas Lundmark, Göteborg
Studying marketing, School of business, economics and law
The jam IN 3 WORDS: fun, different, creative
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: fun, needed, economic
An other participant told me of this event. I found innovation and sustainability to be interesting subjects.

Lina Nilsson, Göteborg
Studying Mechanical Engeenering
The jam IN 3 WORDS: intense, fun, creative
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: resource, cirkled, renewable
One of my teachers at Chalmers told our class about this event. She belived that  it would have a lot to offer so she gave us the name of the website.

Agneta Carlsson, Göteborg
Swedish association of nature conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)
The jam IN 5 WORDS: Innovative results in short time.
Sustainability IN 5 WORDS: See impacts for future generations.
We share the same office with the jam organisers and Naturskyddsföreningen is a partner of the event.

Jenny Heier, Munich, Germany
Industrial designer freelancing
The jam IN 3 WORDS: 3 day-world changing.
Sustainability IN 3 WORDS: Shift from me to us.
I crashed in here, visiting a friend. I am an exchange jammer from Bavaria where they started the idea of design jam.


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