Participants 3

Fredric Bauer, Göteborg
Student at Sustainable Energy Systems
– Sometimes it feels like we are animals at a Zoo, visitors from Röhsska are looking and pointing at us. But there has been a lot of ideas of how the community can improve.

Anna Grzelec, Göteborg
Project Manager at Tillt (Put artists in organizations to stimulate creativity)
– The Global perspective is very complex but people with different competences need to collaborate to solve the problems. It is a sweaty challenge, but if it wasn’t, the sustainability problem wouldn’t exist.

Imad Agi,  Strömstrad
Egenföretaget Byggakuten
– This is a unique experience! I’m learning a lot of the teamworking and this kind of processworking. In a team you have to be democratic, give and take and adapt to the others. It takes time to go from an idea to a product.

Per Brolund, Malmö
Industri Designer, recently were in Cambodja working with WWF, Sustainable Rattan Production
– I like that the young and hungry people are like a volcano of creativity when they come together. It’s inspiring that people sacrifice a whole weekend for this. But at the same time it would be nice to have a wider spectra of demography. Older people with a longer experience have other insights.

Malin Lagerkvist
Studying architecture
– This is very inspiring. I like the method that we’re working in, and it generates a lot of new ideas. 

Sofia Nygren 
Studying Cognitive Science, Collaborative consumption, Internship at Miljöförvaltningen
– I think that this is a very nice way to let innovative communitys get together. Many small ideas becomes something great and big. A global problem at the local level.


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